187 Today Mohammad Would Be in Prison


Mohammad “married” a 9 year old. Today he would be vilified by society and in the sex offenders wing of a high security prison. He also advocated the rape of non-Muslim women and the taking of non-Muslim slaves, it’s all in the Koran.

This is the man who founded the world’s second largest religion, and his moral codes are followed by over a billion people today. Yet ‘polite’ society in the west pretends this isn’t the case, we can no longer do this.

This while hundreds of mostly (85%) Muslim men in the UK are finally being jailed for the systematic rape of young girls over decades, something that was systematically covered up by the authorities.

We need to talk openly about these undisputed facts, we need to openly criticise all bad ideas.

The above are objective facts. The racism here is against young white girls, Islam is also not a race.


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